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Professor at Air Transport Department
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Office: BF 245

Function at the Department

2000 - 2016Head of Air Transport Department (subjects: Airline Marketing and Management, Operational and Business Activities in Air Transport)
1979 - presentLecturer (subjects: Airport Design and Operation 1, Airport Design and Operation 2)


2013 – onwards Board of Directors, Airport Žilina joint stock company
2013 – 2015 Member of EU Programme Horizon 2020
2011 - onwards Member of Editorial board of the reviewed scientific journal Aviation; Lithuania
2009 – 2013 External examiner, Cranfield University, UK
2008 - 2015 National delegate in the ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe)
2006 – 2013 National delegate of the Programme Committee Transport for the FP 6 and FP 7 EU td>
2005 – onwards Member of the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education
2003 – 2006 National delegate of the Programme CommitteeAerospace and Aeronautics EU
2003 – onwards Member of the Faculty Scientific Board
2000 – onwards Head of Air Transport Department
1998 – onwards Professor, guarantor of the study programme
1996 – onwards Chartered Civil Engineer
1993 - 1994 Board of Directors of Aero-Slovakia Ltd.
1979 – 1992 Assistant Professor
Prof. Antonín Kazda, CSc. is a professor at the Air Transport Department of the University of Zilina with long term managing experience from both his positions in academia and industry experience. Tony is an expert in airport design and operation; aviation and ATCO training, airline operation. He is also chartered civil engineer and independent consultant in the field of airports, air transport and for other aviation aspects. He was involved in more than 350 projects, studies and expertises in various aspects of airport design and operations in the Central Europe. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at Žilina Airport. He holds a Commercial Pilot Licence and Instructor Rating and has the operational experience also from ‘the other side’. During his military service, he served as a military air traffic controller. Tony is also the Director of the National Aviation Security Training Centre in Slovakia conducting security training programmes for all civil aviation industry stakeholders in line with the EC Regulation (EC) No 300/2008. He has an in-depth understanding of the aviation operational procedures.


1997 Human Recourses ManagementNOVIDEA a Human Recourses Development Fund
1994 Airport Planning - Airport Management MSc Course; Loughborough, UK
1993 Airline Marketing; IATA Course; Geneva
1993 Business Communication Course; Ijselland Polytechnic, Deventer, The Netherlands
1991 Airport Operation, Airport Design and Airport Finance MSc Course, Loughborough, UK
1984 - 1989 Postgraduate Course in Air Transport Technology
1971 - 1976 Air Transport Engineering, MSc, University of Žilina

Language skills

Native language: Slovak / Czech
Other language proficiency on a scale of 1 (basic) to 5 (fluent) for reading, writing and speaking
English 5 - 5 - 4
German 3 - 3 - 3
Russian 3 - 3 - 3

Professional activities

Kazda, A., Kazda, T.: Protection zones of the Žilina airport; April 2015.
Kazda, A., Kazda, T.: Aeronautical study of reconstruction the RWY 09/27 of Poprad – Tatry Airport; December 2013.
Kazda, A., Badánik, B., Kandera, B.: Proposal of an effective way of small international airports operations in the Slovak Republic (Poprad-Tatry, Sliač, Žilina a Piešťany).
Kazda, A., Kazda, T.: Aeronautical study of the spa house Kozlišovin relation to obstacle clearance limits of Prievidza Airport, September 2013.
Kazda, A., Kazda, T.: Aeronautical study of Veľká Ida airfield, October 2013.
Kazda, A., Kazda, T.: Assessment of the condition and needs of RWY 10/28 repairsBrno – Tuřany Airport; March 2013.

Recent research activities

Airport long-term planning

Five most significant publications

Kazda, A., Caves, R.E.: Airport Design and Operation, 3 rd. ed., Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. 2015; ISBN 978-178441-870-0.
Kazda, A., Turiak, M.: Airport Typology From Low Cost Airlines Operations Perspective; INAIR 2015; 12-13 November 2015, Amsterdam.
Kazda, A.: Air Transport and Aerospace Education - Synergies and Differences; Air Transport Department, University of Žilina; Workshop on Education and Training Needs for Aviation Engineers and Researchers in Europe; September 23, 2015; Brussels.
Kazda A, Blaško, P.: Experience With Aviation Education In Slovakia, European Aviation Training Symposium, Berlin,13-14 November 2006.
Kazda, A.: Aeronautical research niche areas – opportunities for the small, Session F 6: National Aeronautics RTD Highlights, Aeronautics Days 2006, Vienna, June 2006.